8 Best Dating Tips For Shy Guys On How To Start A Conversation

9 Dating tips For shy guys on how to start a conversation

Starting a conversation with women is so difficult for some less confident and shy guy. If you are one of the shy guy on how to start a conversation with girls, try these tips out. So you can get used start a conversation with girls.

Don’t be yourself and be confident

Don’t get me wrong with this. If you are a dashing type of person then you just be yourself. But remember, you have to forget about how nervous and uncomfortable you are. You must learn to be sociable, adaptable to a new environment, and knowing how to win a girl’s heart.

Girls like a guy who is confident. Being a guy who is open will make her more comfortable near you and listen to what you are talking about. Do not be afraid to show what you like. Girls are also happy with people who are frank about themselves. It shows that you are confident. Before you move on to the next step make sure to be confident.


You have to relax, and forget your uneasiness. Your sense of inferiority and nervousness will get you out of words and forget about all the chat topics you’ve planned.

The best way to be confident in front of the girl is to make sure you have become the best version of yourself, you have presented yourself as best as you can.

Make it simple

If you are a shy man, make things simple. Try to express what you want to say to the point. Speaking around with any motive is not recommended. The more you spin around, the stronger the shyness will crawl you. So before the shyness feeling gets bigger, just go to the point.

Then, how?

Simple, just smile and introduce yourself. After that, ask her name. Believe me, it’s not as bad as what you think.

Have a casual conversation

Do not start a conversation with a heavy topic. You might be able to start discussing about the weather, hobbies, or just talking about the dull lunchtime in the cafeteria. Keep the conversation moving and not make it boring or tired to discuss. This will help you to talk to her longer.

Don’t waste time talking about uncertain things

Well, sometimes a shy guy is getting too nervous about having a conversation, turns out he often talk about something uncertain. What you need to know is that most women love men who are able to lead them, including being able to direct the conversation and be confident in what they are talking about.

So, never ever start talking with uncertain things using the word “maybe”, “could be”, “if” or anything like that. Do not be afraid to look firm when talking about something.

If you have something in common with her, it will help a lot

Actually, it will be easier to start the conversation f there are similarities between you and the other person. You can ask her opinion about math teacher at the school, food in the cafeteria, or one of the friends that you assume she knows too. But if both of you are in a different place like at a party or something, you can ask her opinion about it, like the atmosphere, the music or the service or the weather at that time.

You don’t have to be necessarily funny, but fun

Indeed most women like men who are humorous, but if you really cannot bring a conversation with a funny thing don’t force yourself to do it. It could be that you are not funny and make her feel bored.

You do not have to be funny but you can start the conversation with fun stuff. Girls want a guy who can make them happy and fun. You do not have to be the funniest of all, just because you’re a shy type doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fun guy.

Show that you are interested in her

Show them that you are attracted to them. You can express it by your gesture, like giving a sincere smile, laugh at her jokes, or argue if the woman you are talking to asks a question and you are required to answer it. Not necessarily in a sensual and flirty way. But show that you see them as a potential lover.

Forget your shyness, if you apply the tips above then the conversation will be fun and it will be possible for you in order to bring everything to the next step.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a relationship expert. She loves to write about her experiences that she derives from her own life and her interactions with others. After years of research, Katie decided to put together all her expertise on this blog so she can help people improvise in their relationship with others.

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