How Long Should A First Date Last?

How long should a first date last

Have you recently been asked out on a date that you’re eagerly looking forward to? Has it made you wonder how long should a first date last? Well, we have some tips and suggestions to guide you on how to handle your first date and how long the date should last. These pointers and suggestions that we are about to give you are tried and tested and will be beneficial for you. Here’s everything that you need to know:

Before we get into the details of the time frame of your first date, let’s discuss some classic first date ideas that you can consider:

  • If you’re absolutely unsure about whether the two of you are going to hit it off, you may as well have a short and sweet first date without any added drama and stress. Meeting over a cup of coffee would be ideal in such a situation. If your coffee date goes well, you can always make plans for a second dinner date. If it doesn’t go as planned, you can quickly wrap up the coffee date without any awkwardness.
  • Another awesome first date idea is dinner and a movie. Select a movie genre that interests the both of you. Once the movie is over, you can head out for dinner and actually get to know the person well. If the dinner goes well, a second date can always be planned. If not, you can both head home to your respective places and move on with your lives.
  • If you and your date have a common interest in nature and hiking, you can plan your first date to be a fabulous photography hike. You don’t necessarily need to plan a hike or trek that takes all day because if your date isn’t panning out as expected, you will only get stuck in an extremely awkward situation. A short trek or hike nearby can help you gauge and understand the basic nature of the person. If the hike goes well, you can plan a fancy second date.
  • Heading out for a cocktail and some live music can also prove to be an extremely amazing first date. Choose a genre of music that interests both of you. Have short and informative chats about each other while you sip your drinks and enjoy the ambience. If this goes well, your second date can always be a quiet and romantic dinner.
  • If you prefer being outdoors as opposed to the boring and traditional style dates, maybe you can plan your first date as a beach lunch and an ice cream stroll. When opting for a beach date, make sure that you choose a season where the weather is suitable. You don’t want your first date getting ruined by rain showers and thunderstorms. If this date goes well, you can select a more classic and traditional styled second date.

You need to keep in mind that the first date will help you figure out the chemistry that you and your date have. If there’s no chemistry and you run out of conversation within the first half hour of your date, then there’s really no need to have a second date.

Now in terms of the length of your first date, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Your Date Needs To Be Long Enough So That You Get To Know Each Other

Let’s face it, your date needs to last long enough for both of you to get to know the basic personalities of each other. Don’t end up on a date that’s too short and leaves you uncertain about the person and wondering whether you wish to go out on a second date. You both need to give each other a fair chance to get to know each other. If the date is going well, you can order for that second cocktail or cup of coffee. If the date is proving to be a complete disaster or mismatch, you can.

Not Too Long That Bailing Can’t Be Avoided

If you go out an extra mile to plan a date that involves a 4-hour boat ride with lunch and champagne, you may not be able to get out of the date if it’s going terribly. You need to plan a date that’s practical, short and sweet. A cup of coffee, a simple dinner or just a short hike are enough to let you know whether or not you wish to continue the evening or you wish to bail. You can also prepare a friend to call you within an hour of the date. Inform your friend that if you answer the call to say that an emergency has occurred so that you can instantly bail a date that is going bad and that if you don’t take the call, the date is going well.

Don’t End Up In A 5 Hour Long First Date

As romantic as it may sound, ending up in a 5-hour long first date may not be the ideal situation. Unless the both of you have chemistry like fireworks and a never-ending list of things to talk about, try keeping your first date anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours. If it’s really going well, it will give you something to look forward to in the second date. If not, you know you never have to see the person again.

Well, first dates can be complicated and sometimes even a little overwhelming. You’re unsure about how to act, how long to stay on the date, whether the other person is having a good time and so on. Just remember to be yourself on the first date. You will get to know whether or not the both of you have things in common and you can base your next date on the basis of the outcome of the first one. First dates don’t necessarily need to be complicated. You can keep them casual, comfortable, short and sweet and once you’re confident about your chemistry with the other person, you can take things further.

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