How To Not Be A Boring Texter?

How to not be a boring texter

Not everyone is comfortable with text conversations. However, most people across the globe depend on this form of communication. If you’re one such person who doesn’t know how to interact properly with text and lack texting etiquette, we are here to resolve your issues. Not responding to texts in a favorable manner, can get you the reputation of a boring texter. You can now avoid this by learning about how not to be a boring texter. Here are some tips and suggestions.

 For A Change, Be A Conversation Starter

Just because you haven’t ever been comfortable with text conversations that don’t mean that you can’t change your ways. If your near and dear ones are actively communicating via text, you will at some point have to give in. One way to avoid being a boring texter is by actually being the one to start the conversation for a change. Send out a message to a friend or a loved one asking about their whereabouts or how their day is going. Talk to your close colleagues via text to discuss some basic work related stuff or to talk about the office party preparations and so on.

Don’t Use Monosyllables

Well, contrary to what you might believe, actual conversations can be carried out on texts. There’s no need for you to stick to monosyllabic answers like “yes”, “no” and so on. You can respond back with proper and well-formed sentences and you can continue the conversation with the person at the other end via text. When you respond back to a person’s text with monosyllables, they will only end up losing interest in chatting with you and they will begin to feel that you’re a boring texter.

Ask For An Opinion Via Text Message

If you’re only going to stick to the point when having a conversation via text, you’re going to end up getting labeled as a boring texter. People love it when they are asked their opinion about a certain topic. You can continue your text conversation with the opposite person by simply asking their opinion on the matter that is being discussed. You can also ask them their opinion about something that’s completely off topic. This way you will show them an interest in text messaging them.

Be Enthusiastic When Texting

If you’re going to be dull, boring and lifeless when texting someone, you will be called a boring texter. You need to show some sort of enthusiasm while you text another person. You can display your enthusiasm by sending out emotions along with the text matter. If you are busy and are unable to respond at that very moment, let the opposite person know that by sending out a text. You can always connect with them on text once you’re free to chat.

Show Interest In The Opposite Person’s Life

Another effective way to ensure that you don’t get termed as a boring texter is by showing interest in the opposite person’s life. When chatting with someone via text, make sure to ask them how their day is going, or how they are feeling if they have been unwell and so on. When you show interest and care towards another person’s life, they will automatically be more inclined towards texting you on a regular basis. If you’re only going to talk about yourself, the other person will end up losing interest in chatting with you.

Unexpectedly Send Out A Text

You don’t only need to text a friend or family member when you have work with them. The beauty of text messaging is that you can text someone with a completely unexpected text. Send the opposite person a link to an article that you think may interest them. Discuss politics and economics and movies that you share a common interest for. This will be particularly useful to avoid getting tagged a boring texter.

Avoid Boring Conversations

Another thing you need to do is avoid boring conversations via text. Don’t talk about clichéd things like how tired you are, or the weather and so on. Text about topics that hold some meaning and significance to the other person. Talk about things that catch their interest in sports or political events and so on.


If you’re texting an old friend whom you had fallen out of touch with, you can have an interesting text conversation by talking about the memories that the both of you had once made. Reminisce about the past and make some plans to hang out with the person too.

Picture Messages, Gifs And Memes

People love receiving funny and informative picture messages, memes and gifs. You can send out some fun and unique picture messages to the opposite person to bring a smile on his or her face. However, don’t over-flood their inbox with hundreds of unnecessary forwards. Select only those picture messages and memes that you think will interest them.

Make Plans To Meet In Person

For a person who isn’t comfortable with texting, this will be the most suitable suggestion. While having a text conversation with someone, you can make plans to meet in person. All text conversations need to be moved to the next level by meeting or physical interaction. You can make plans via text to go to a movie or a nice and quiet dinner to your favorite restaurant.

These simple and easy tweaks in your text messaging formats can help to become a more enthusiastic and interesting texter. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the old school method of physical presence and communication. The world is changing and more and more people are depending on text messages as a way of communication. You need to change with changing times and up your style of communication too. Once you get the hang of texting and having a proper conversation via text, you will find that it gets easier and less stressful for you.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a relationship expert. She loves to write about her experiences that she derives from her own life and her interactions with others. After years of research, Katie decided to put together all her expertise on this blog so she can help people improvise in their relationship with others.

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