How To Tell If A Guy Wants To Date You

How to tell if a guy wants to date you

It is very difficult to decide whether a guy simply wants to take you out on a casual date when he is always flirting with you and interested in taking things ahead. Guys usually send out a lot of mixed signals and figuring out how to tell if a guy wants to date you could be quite difficult. If you really like somebody but you are not sure what his intentions are then here are a few signs that you will notice in a guy who wants to date you.

Calls And Texts You Often

When a guy is really interested in a girl the eagerness to meet her or spend time with her is obvious. The number of times that he will call you or message you will be a lot more than any of the other guys who call or text you. If a guy calls you multiple times during the day and texts you over and over again even though there is nothing important to discuss then it is quite obvious that he is into you and he would like to date you.

He Is Eager To Learn More About You

When a guy shows an interest in your hobbies, your family and other details of your life it is pretty obvious that he is into you. When a guy wants to simply hook up with a girl, he shows absolutely no interest in what she likes or dislikes. When he wants to date her and take things further he shows interest in her. If a guy is constantly asking about how your day was, asking you question about members of your family then there is a strong chance that he is interested in dating you.

You Are The Only Girl He Pays Attention To

When a guy is interested in a girl, it shows in his behavior. If he spends more time with you in the cafeteria and his eyes are usually glued to you, then there is a strong chance that he is interested in you. If you noticed him looking at you even when you are passing by him then he might want to date you. Sometimes, it is difficult for a guy to go after a girl and ask her out so if you notice that he is been catching glances of you and if you are interested in him, you could step up and ask him out.

He Tries To Make Small Talk

Sometimes guys are not confident and in such situations they often joke about asking you out casually to see whether you are reacting to the question or not. If he just asks you to go out with him on a date multiple times and he usually chooses to go out on these dates and movies with you alone, he might be into you and he would be interested in dating you.

He Wants You To Meet His Friends

When a guy wants to date a girl casually and doesn’t want to have any strings attached he tries to keep them as far away from his friends and family as possible. However, when he is keen on dating a girl and taking things father with her, he would like to introduce her to his world which includes friends and his family. If a guy tries to ask you to come visit his family or asks you to come spend time with his friends, then there is a strong chance that he is interested in dating you and having a serious relationship with you.

If you find the guy interesting and you know that you would like to take things further, it makes sense to go and mingle with his friends and family as well. This will give you a fair idea of what kind of a guy he is and whether or not you would be interested in dating him.

He Is Not Very Confident Around You

When a guy is desperate to date you, there are a number of instances that you will find him being shy or fall short of words. Even the most confident guys tend to get very uncomfortable and shy in front of the girl that he likes and plans on dating. If you notice that he gets very awkward around you and he thinks twice before saying anything then there is a strong chance he would like to date you.

He Is Possessive

He does not like it when you hang out with other guys or go out with them and even questions you when you do. This is a very clear sign that he is interested in you and he is not here to have fun. If you are not too sure about whether or not a guy is into you then try testing him by talking to another guy or getting too close to another guy in front of him. If you notice him being uncomfortable then it’s clear that he is interested in you.

He Tells You His Secrets

When is really interested in you he will tell you some secrets that he hasn’t told anyone else and he asks you to keep them a secret as well. Whether it is something very stupid that he did or a mistake that he made, he will tell you about it and he will even seek advice on certain situations from you. When he discusses important things about his life with you it’s pretty clear that he would be interested in dating you.

Guys usually give a very clear indication when they would like to date a girl and get serious with her, however it’s important for you to understand that when you plan on taking things ahead with a guy you need to be sure that he too is interested in you. If he shows some of the above mentioned traits then there is a strong chance that he would like to date you but if you want to be sure make sure then you question him about his intention so that you do not build castles in the air.

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