How To Rebuild A Relationship After A Break Up

How to rebuild a relationship after a break up

We have all gone through that phase where we have dealt with heartbreak due to a breakup. Often a breakup is only temporary but in order to ensure that you win your ex love back, you need to work towards it. If you’re at that phase where you have broken up with your partner but you are wondering how to rebuild a relationship after a break up, there are ways in which you can reignite the flames. We have put together a list of suggestions for you that will help in winning back your ex. Here you can read everything you need to know about getting back together with your lost love:

Deeply Understand The Reason Behind The Breakup

Did you cheat on your ex? Did your ex cheat on you? Have you just broken up due to misunderstandings and repeated fights? Figuring out the reason of your breakup is essential. If you are on one frequency and your ex partner is on another frequency, it can get difficult to patch things up. You need to know what was going on in the mind of your ex partner and what made him initiate the breakup before you take any further steps.

Take Some Time Off From Your Ex

After the breakup you need to give yourself and your partner time to take everything in. If you try to jump back into the relationship within a few days of the breakup, it may backfire on you. You need to give yourself and your ex at least one month’s time before you start looking into reuniting. In this time you and your ex will get some space to think and cool off if the breakup had been an ugly and angry one. Once you have had that alone time, you can look into getting back together.

Be The Person He / She Fell In Love With

Over a period of time relationships become comfort relationships where you just let yourself go. If your ex partner had fallen in love with your witty sense of humour, your capacity to hold an intellectual discussion or debate and so on, reignite those old qualities of yours. Be the person that your partner fell in love with and not the comfortable, lazy and careless indifferent person that you have become over the years. If you work on those old qualities the chances of winning back your ex are much higher.

Get Out And Meet Other Singles And Reunite With Old Friends

If you’re going to behave like a heartbroken and depressed person, no one is going to want you back. If you wish to win your ex back you need to look happy, energetic and full of life. When your ex sees you bursting with energy and happiness, it will make his heart melt and it may even make him want to get back together with you. You don’t necessarily need to start dating to prove a point. You can just hang out with singles and that will be enough to jump start any emotions and feelings that you ex may still have for you.

Start Dressing Well And Looking Fabulous

If you want to win your ex back, one great way to do so is by taking care of yourself. If you’re going to look haggard and exhausted and unkempt, your ex is not going to miss anything. You need to start dressing well, taking care of your body and looking utterly fabulous. When you know you’re going to run into your ex somewhere, put on your best clothes, wear your best make up, let your hair look amazing.

Find Out What’s Going On In Your Ex’s Life

You need to know what is going on in your ex’s life before you try to make amends. If he or she has already moved on and is seeing someone else, you need to let go of the relationship and the feelings you hold. If your ex is still single then there may be a change of you getting back together. Even if your ex is single there may be a possibility that he may not feel the same way about you like he once did. Check his social media profile, see if he is looking happy, check if there are signs of him being at peace. If he looks peaceful and happy, there are chances that he may not want to get back. However, if he looks lost and sad, there are bright chances that he still loves you.

Get In Touch With Him Again After A Month

Once you have had that resting period of a month, get in touch with him again. Call him and ask him to meet you. If he sounds enthusiastic about meeting you then there are chances he wants the same thing as you. If he seems cold or distant or indifferent, you may really have to work hard towards winning him back. He may not even want to get back together at first, but with cajoling and building back his trust, over a period of time he might just change his mind. Beware to not end up hounding him and stalking him during this period. You need to give him space and let him know what he is missing but at the same time not be completely out of the picture.

Having a breakup can be very hard on many. Sometimes we just want to get back together with our ex because we feel lonely. We miss the life that we had when in the relationship. Winning your ex back is one thing, but at the same time make sure that you’re not getting back together with him just because you’re lonely and afraid to start over in a new relationship with a different person again. Handle the getting back together in a mature and practical way. Don’t seem needy and desperate. Behave in a calm and composed way and win back the love of your ex.

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