8 Things To Do To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Things to do to make him miss you like crazy

Sometimes in a relationship or when you like a guy you want him to miss you, so he can’t stop thinking about you when you are not around. It is very common for a girl to easily miss her crush or significant other, but when it comes to a guy, he tends to hide his feeling and keep it for himself. This is what makes you sometimes wondering “Does he miss me?, or in some cases, you will start wondering about your existence “Am I important to him?”. That is normal. But there surely are some things you can do to make him miss you like crazy. You don’t even have to question it anymore, for it will make him feel infatuated with you. Take notes and keep in mind to do these things down below if you want to make him miss you like crazy!

Don’t Always Be Available

People always free their time for their significant others. At certain points this is good, but always being available for him won’t make him miss you. Knowing that you always have time for him will only make him feel less excited for your attention. Present yourself to him sufficiently. Have date nights with him but also hang out with your friends and family. Visit and surprised him sometimes but don’t forget to have me time for yourself. This is how it works to make him miss you, he will appreciate the time that you two spends together and keep looking forward to spending more time with you.

The Magic of Smells

To always smells good is essential. It is important to have a characteristic that differentiates you from others in order to make him miss you. The easiest and common thing you can do is to have your own signature scent. The smell of perfume can cause a guy to feel some kind of feeling, that is why you need to spray on a monotonous smell on your body as your signature scent. Later on, whenever he smells the same perfume or wherever he traces the same exact smell like yours, he can not help but keep thinking about you.

Ignore Him, Stop The Communication,  And Let Him Miss You

This is one thing you must do if you want to find out how to make him miss you like crazy, put the phone down and stop the communication. Try to unexpectedly ignore him, not in I-don’t-want-to-talk-with-you-anymore kind of way though, but more like you want to give him sometimes to miss you. Although this can be a hard thing to do between two people who fall in love with each other, being in an intense communication would not give any excuse for him to miss you. Try to be more productive in your spare time and hold yourself from texting or calling him. In a day or two try not to be with him, give him a space to realize how much he misses you and how important you are to him.

Give A Slow Respond And Make Him Wait

If your special someone is calling or messaging you don’t give a fast respond like texting him back in a nanosecond or pick up his call on the first ring, stop doing that. Give him time to wait for you, then he will chase for your attention even more because men like a challenge. So don’t make thing goes too easy for him by giving your full attention otherwise there is no room for him to miss you.

Be A Little Mysterious

 A mysterious girl seems more interesting for men. Give him something to figure out because it will make him wants to know more about you. This way will make him keep wondering about you this is one of  the things that you can do to make him miss you.

Hold Yourself To Post Something On Your Social Media

 If you’re the type of girl who likes to post every single activity that you do on your social media you need to restrict yourself and limit your posts from now on. That is the important thing that you should do to make him miss you like crazy. You may give him a slow response to his texts and calls or you may stop the communication at all, but if you keep posting your activities it would never work to make him miss you. Because social media is a platform that is created to connect people. If you don’t restrict yourself on social media, he will always feel connected with you even when you are playing the I-am-stoping-the-communication-so-that-you’ll-miss-me game, so remain out of your social media.

Go Out And Have Fun With Your Friends

The other thing you can do to make him miss you is go out and have fun with some friends and tell him about it. You can have days or nights out, go shopping, watch movies, and visit some places to have fun with your friends. Try to spend the days separated, and tell him of all the fun that you have. Further, he will start longing for being the one whom you always have fun with.  This will make him a bit jealous but soon he will realize how much he misses having fun with. In this case, you can update all the joy you have to prove him that you’re able to have fun without him. A guy wants to be the only one to make you feel happy, so when he finds out how happy you feel to hang out with your friends he wants to take his part.

Be Understanding

If you want him to miss you like crazy, be someone who is understanding. This is the inner quality that a guy always craving for. Nowadays having someone who understands us is rare. For him to have someone who understands his passion, cheers him up for the things that he does and gives some space as well as supports him for doing things he likes can take you to a special place in his heart. In time, whenever he does the things he passionate about you’ll come across his mind. If you want him to miss you so be understanding. A girl likes it when she finds out that someone she loves or her significant other yearning for her, but the matter is simple; a guy likes to keep his feeling for himself.  It can be frustrated sometimes, but if you do these tricky tips on how to make him miss you he will surely start longing for your presence. All you need to do is start the move.

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