What To Text Him To Make Him Smile

What To Text Him To Make Him Smile New

Back in the day it was considered romantic to send out a love letter to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, but given that technology has taken the better of us, it’s definitely smarter to send out text messages on a regular basis so that you are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your boyfriend. If you haven’t been able to give him enough time or you haven’t done anything romantic of late, then here is what to text him to make him smile.

Get Naughty With Him

Guys love to be flirted with and especially about sex. If you want to put a smile on his face one of the sure shot ways to do so is sending him a naughty text  in the middle of work. You could even ask him to sneak back home so that you can spend some time together or you could have a totally different meaning about a naughty little message that you sent him telling him to meet you for lunch. No matter what the messages you need to make it sound a little evil so that he can smile. These messages might seem very small and short but this is something that will make his day even when it is extremely difficult.

Tell Him You Dreamt About Him

Guys love to know when they come in your dreams and this is something that will surely put a smile on his face. If you had a tough day at work or he has been very busy, the one thing that is sure to make him smile is him knowing that irrespective of whether or not he has time for you, you are constantly thinking of him and he is on your mind even when you are asleep.

Guys love to know that you are dreaming about them and this is one thing that is surely going to impress him and make him smile. You can add a few details to the dream and tell him about certain things that you saw. If you are engaged you can even talk about facts about the wedding plan or other such things.

Tell Him That He Is Always On Your Mind

The one thing that is sure to put a smile on his face is that that you are always thinking about him no matter how busy you are. It will make your boyfriend happy to know that you are in love with him and that your relationship means a lot. Small little texts during the day can work wonders as long as they are crafted correctly. You don’t need a lot of time to let a person know that you are missing them or when you want to put a smile on their face, a simple one line text also works just as well.

Tell Him He Always Cheers You Up

Guys loves to know that they can be the reason to put a smile on your face no matter how difficult times can be and this is something that will always make them feel good about themselves. Always let him know that he can cheer you up on the worst of your days and remind him that he is the reason for your smile. This will definitely help to light up his mood and also help him feel good.

Tell Him That He Can Look Forward To An Amazing Evening

When you are planning to meet him or when you plan to spend time with him, keep them informed that he is in for one hell of a night. Don’t reveal too many secrets but make it sound like you are up to something special so that he can feel good. This will definitely light up his mood and he will automatically feel better about the entire day because he knows for a fact that at the end of it he will come and spend time with you.

Give Him News He Wants To Hear

If you know for a fact that he is into particular sport, give him updates about the sport and let him know that his team is performing well. Don’t send out this news when his team isn’t doing well. Let him know only things that will put a smile on his face such as an achievement or something that will make him proud.

Tell Him Your Achievements Too

While you might not believe this but guys feel extremely proud when their girlfriends do something that is commendable. If you have done something to make him proud let him know about it. Every little detail will definitely light up his mood and put a smile on his face.

Surprise Text Him

Send a text to surprise him when he’s not usually ready to hear from you. Send him something that will take him by surprise even if it is a kiss emoticon or a small heart. This will just give him a gentle reminder that you are thinking of him and you miss him.

Challenge Him

Small cute little challenges such as who will get home first, who will perform better at a game that the both of you play is a fun way to keep the romance alive. It can definitely lighten up the mood on days that you feel very low. This is also something that you will surely look forward to.

While technology might have taken away the charm of old love letters, it has replaced it with something that is tech-savvy and convenient for people who spend a lot of time away from each other. Text messages are fine when used the right way. When you have it right in the palm of your hand, it makes more sense for you to use it to your advantage. Pull out the phone and send him a text message that will make him smile.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a relationship expert. She loves to write about her experiences that she derives from her own life and her interactions with others. After years of research, Katie decided to put together all her expertise on this blog so she can help people improvise in their relationship with others.

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