10 Signs He Wants You Bad

10 Signs He Wants You Bad

Sometime men play hard to get and while they may show a lot of interest in you, they don’t really stand up and ask you out. This is mainly because they are shy or maybe because they aren’t confident about the way you feel about them. If you like someone and you are not too sure whether or not they like you back, then here are 10 signs he wants you bad.

He Laughs At Everything That You Say

One of the ways to determine whether or not somebody is interested in you is the fact that they pay a lot of attention to your conversations and they laugh every time you make the silliest joke. They will try to be part of the conversation and focus carefully on every word that you say just so that they prove they are attentive. If you notice that he laughs at everything you say even if it wasn’t very funny, then there’s a strong chance that he really likes you.

He Knows Everything About You

One of the best things about a person who is interested in you is that they will have all the information about you including your favorite color, food, your birthday and your favorite movie. If you want to know whether he is truly interested in you, then try testing his knowledge about you and this might give you a clear idea about whether or not he is actually interested in you.

He Keeps Texting

When someone is interested in you they want to keep conversations going even when they are not around. Thanks to technology people can now send out messages no matter where they are and they can even send photographs and videos. If he keeps sending you messages in the morning or through the day just to wish you good morning or maybe ask you how your day is going, then he is definitely into you.

He Gets Emotional

Guys do not usually show their emotional side to a person that they are not very close to or they do not connect with. If he tells you his deepest fear or problems that he is facing, then he trusts you and he is interested in you. When a guy starts to share intimate details about his life and problems that he is facing either in his workplace or personal life, then there’s a strong chance that he wants to take things further. If you like him back this is a pretty strong point to focus on and decide whether or not you would like to take the relationship further.

He Tracks Your Social Media Activity

If he is usually one of the first few people to like a post that you have shared on your social media account then yes he is into you. Guys don’t really pay too much attention to a girl’s social media account and go around liking every post that she shared unless they have other intentions. If he has liked every single post that you have shared then he is pretty much into you and he wants to be more than friends.

He Makes Time To See You

If you will realize that he will go out of his way to come meet you even if he has a very busy schedule and he cannot live up to it, then yes he is interested in you. If a guy just wants to be friends it is easy for him to turn down an invitation to meet you when he doesn’t have enough time or he has other things to do. When he is interested in you, he will try to make as much time as possible to come and meet you especially when he is meeting you alone.

You Know His Friends And Family

Another sure sign that a guy is interested in having more than just a friendship with you is that he has introduced you to all his close friends and family. They probably already know that he is interested in you, so if you are close to some of his friends you can always ask them whether or not he is really interested in you.

He Drunk Dialed You

You are the one person he calls when he is drunk. This is one of the clearest ways to figure out whether or not a guy is into you because when they are drunk the one person they think of is the person that they are in love with. If he calls you when he is drunk then yes there is a pretty sure chance that he is very interested in dating you.

He Is Always On Time

Another sure shot way to figure out whether or not a guy is actually into you is when he comes to meet you. When he is never late and he’s always well dressed, this shows that he is putting a lot of effort to impress you. If a guy just want to be friends he’s not going to bother about the way he looks or the way he dresses or even whether or not he is on time, but when he puts in an effort to make sure he is on time and look his best then this shows that he is into you and wants to have a relationship with you.

He Is Honest

When a guy really wants to have a relationship with you he will tell you everything honestly irrespective of how embarrassing it is. From the smallest secrets about his childhood that made him dread going to school, to an awkward Moment with a girl that he might think about to something funny that happened in his office, he will tell you everything honestly without covering up. This pretty much shows that he wants to be himself with you and he can trust you because he wants to have a relationship with you.

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