Top 5 Secrets about how to Pick Up Girls in High School or College

How to pick up girls In high school

The most problem that appears quite common when you start showing your interest with a girl is you strung up over her. One major problem as to why you feel so might be caused by lack of self-confident, as a result, it makes you feel nervous to face that special someone. However, this is very normal since no one seems much experienced. But one thing is for sure if you want to start picking up on your crush you need to be assured of yourself. Although the result can be tough; you may consequently get rejected, but who knows if the outcome would be as perfect as your expectation as well. More than that, if you want to impress a girl make her feel respected and appreciated, otherwise you will never win her heart. If you want to know more tips on how to pick up girls in high school keep on reading.

You Need a Good Reputation

Be excellent at something. If you want her attention while you are trying to build a connection with her, you have to do a self-improvement. Be the type of guy that the girl wants, but that does not necessarily mean you have to try to be another person. Let say you can try to take up a new haircut and try to be more stylish, ask your friend to help you decide if it needed. Keep up your hygiene, wear clean clothes, and stay smells good in order to make you confident about yourself. Other than appearance, you can also try to focus on embracing your passion and hobbies with others. Keep up with this on daily basis, because it will surely attract her.

Make A Move!

Get out from your comfort zone, have the guts and make a move to approach her. This one is might be the hardest part to do but this is where it is all about, so be confident. When you are confident about yourself you can ask a girl out, build a conversation and communicate easily. In further, you can talk about any topics or subjects that interest her.

For instance, if you know that she likes reading you can start picking up line on a conversation about that topic. You can, for example, ask for a book recommendation like “I heard you read a lot of modern literature, I would like to read it but I don’t know what should I read first, can you suggest me some?” and she will help you with that, for sure. In order to keep the conversation going with her, bring any topic that she likes and avoid the one that she doesn’t or she will never give her attention to you. Also, when you start making a move and talk with her never use a trashy pick-up line, that so boring guys!

Conversation Starter Matters

A conversation starter is an essential tool for approaching girls. When you are about to talk to her think about any topics that make sense so that you can make the conversation going. A girl can tell if you are interested or uninterested, so don’t even bother to rise up a subject that does not make any sense, like politics and religion, or you will end up in a dead conversation.

Grant Her Compliments

Everybody loves to be pleased by others. If you want to impress her as well as make her more comfortable with you, praised her by telling a good thing about her and giving her an honest compliment in the middle of your conversation. You can, for example, say “That dress looks good on you, its color matches you” or instead of complimenting her appearance you can also praise her ability and creativity. You can say “I never knew someone can pass the history examination with such a high score, you are unbelievable”, these are the other way of expressing your feeling about her, this will surely make her feel appreciated. You like her and you want to get to know her more, so let her know that without actually saying it. But remember to not overdo it because it will make you look pathetic.

Moving Forward

Even so, you’ve been talking with this girl and you two have a great conversation,  it will be pointless if you do not moving forward to ask her number or to ask to meet her again in the other day. Don’t let your effort in approaching her being wasted by hesitating yourself to pick her up. Remember that this is the point of doing this whole serious attempt. In further, bottom line that rejection is normal, that is the art of living so you should never feel afraid of being rejected. There are plenty other fish in the three anyway. So what are you waiting for?

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