10 Things For A Successful Marriage

10 Things for a successful marriage

Making a marriage work definitely takes a lot of effort. When we look at our grandparents and we look at older relationships, it definitely seems a lot easier and it seems like in those days people would just fall more in love and stay committed to each other. The truth is, marriage was just as tough back in the day as it is today and the only difference is that couples earlier put in more effort to stay together as compared to the couples today. Unfortunately the problem level of couples these days isn’t great which is why most marriages are falling apart. If you want to make sure that you stay happy with the person that you love then here are 10 things for a successful marriage that you should definitely take note of.


The key to a successful and happy marriage is to communicate with each other and express your feelings towards one another. If there is something that’s troubling you, it’s important to let your better half know that you are worried or you are not happy with certain things in the marriage. The worst thing that you could do is to stay bottled up with your thoughts and not let your partner know how you feel. This eventually leads to an extreme outburst that could cause the marriage to fall apart. Make it a point to sit down and talk to one another. Not just about your problems but also about the various happy moments in your life. Let your better half know everything that goes around in your life whether it’s the smallest thing or something really big.


There are going to be a number of instances when your partner just wanted you to be a good listener. Whether its stress at work or whether it’s something in their personal life that’s troubling them, all they want to do is vent out so that they feel better. If you lend a good listening ear to your partner they will not look for another person to go vent out to. It’s important for you to understand that you need to stand by your partner and support them in good times and in bad and the best way to do this is to always be available to listen to them.

Agree To Disagree

You don’t always have to agree to everything that your partner says and there could be a number of situations when the both of you have very different opinions about something. This doesn’t mean that you have to fight about it. If there is something that your partner likes to watch on television and you don’t enjoy it, simply go into another room and read a book. If there is a hobby that your partner enjoys doing but you don’t see yourself doing it, let him or her do it with their friends and have their fun.


One of the key factors in any happy marriage is acceptance. You need to accept your partner irrespective of their flaws. No one is perfect and there are going to be habits that will annoy you or you will not enjoy. It doesn’t mean that you let go of your partner or that you start nagging him or her. It’s important for you to accept them the way they are and love them for who they are.

Be Responsible

One of the major reasons people try to stay away from marriages because they are not ready for commitment. A commitment requires a lot of responsibility and you need to be ready for it. Whether it is the responsibility of a child or simply the responsibility of looking after one another, it’s something that you need to be up for. When you are married it’s not only the good times that you need to be with each other for, but it is also the bad situations where you have to stand by each other to pull through the storm.

Date Night

One of the major reasons why relationships today fall apart is because couples lose interest in each other. It is important for you to keep doing things and to keep each other happy and attracted towards one another. Make an effort to get dressed and look good for one another and go out together. Try watching a movie together or even leave with each other on a short vacation that could help your relationship get stronger. Remember that when you do something on a date night you definitely do something the both of you enjoy equally.

Don’t Lose The Romance

No matter how many years you are married for, it is important for you to stay romantic with one another in order to stay in love. Being romantic does not mean that you have to go out of your way to prove your love for him or her. Little things such as their favourite meal, their favourite flowers, a sudden surprise or a quick vacation are something that they are sure to enjoy.

Keep The Intimacy Alive

The key to a strong and healthy marriage is to have a lot of intimacy and sex is vital for it. If your intimacy is not strong then your partner will start to search for the intimacy with another person and this will definitely kill your marriage. While it might seem easy at the start, you might have to put in a little effort a few years down the line to stay strong and stay connected to one another.


It is necessary for a healthy relationship that you constantly complement one another. Whether it’s a good meal that you enjoy or whether it’s about the way your partner is, just let them know that you are extremely proud of them and you are happy to have them in your life.

Tell Them You Love Them

While you are married to them and you love them, this is something that goes without saying. You need to let your partner know that you are deeply in love with them and you always want to be with them. Let them know that even after many years you still choose to be with them and that nobody else can ever replace them. It’s the small things that you say that matter and it will help your relationship grow stronger. It doesn’t take a lot to make a marriage work. All it takes is a few steps in the right direction.

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