How To Make Him Realize That He Made A Mistake?

How to make him realize that he made a mistake

The problem with most men is that the littlest snub to their ego and you can send them running for the hills. When dealing with a man, you need to be strategic and practical or you will only end up hurting his ego and making him dislike you. If you have a friend or spouse who has made a mistake and you’re wondering how to make him realize that he made a mistake, you need to use a practical and smart approach. We have put together some suggestions that will help you to make a man realize his mistakes without causing further controversies. Here’s what you need to do:

 Don’t Get Into A Heated Argument

People make mistakes because they are human. You can’t hold them at gunpoint just because they slipped up. If you’re going to get into a heated argument with the intention of trying to point out a man’s mistakes, he will only end up retaliating or avoiding any confrontations. You need to make sure that you keep a calm and collected mind when you’re discussing and pointing out his mistake if you want him to actually listen and realize his faults.

Don’t Bring Up The Past

Another mistake most people make when having a controversial discussion is that they end up bringing up the person’s past and his past mistakes. In arguments and disagreements with loved ones, always make sure that you stick to the current topic. If you’re going to lash out at the man in question and make bring up all his past mistakes along with the current one, he is only going to end up going into a shell or avoiding you. Talk only about the current mistake and nothing else.

Be Gentle When You Speak

Harsh words can be as damaging as sticks and stones that break your bones. When dealing with a man who has made a mistake, you need to be gentle when you speak. If you’re going to be rude and abusive and horribly mean, it isn’t going to serve the purpose. There are high chances that the man already feels pretty crappy about his mistake. By you being cruel with your words, you’re only going to make him feel worse and helpless. So be kind and gentle and soft with your words when you point out his mistakes, but at the same time be firm so that it doesn’t happen again.

Give Him A Chance To Explain

Yes, you know that he made a mistake. Yes, he has admitted his mistake, but have you given him the chance to explain why he did what he did? Even the most politically correct man is human at the end of the day and he may slip up and make a mistake. You need to make sure that you give him the opportunity to explain his mistake and the real story behind it. If you’re only going to do all the screaming without letting him explain, the whole exercise will be futile.

Maintain Distance Until The Matter Has Blown Over

Now if the man in question has done something to hurt you deeply, you need to maintain a distance from him until the matter blows over. Once you have finished have the conversation about the mistake and given him a chance to explain himself, you need to distance yourself from him. Don’t call him or text him for a while. Giving him this space will help him to realize the intensity of his mistake and it will also give him time to think about how to fix it. If you’re going to consistently hound him, he won’t have the time to digest what has happened and he may just think that it hasn’t affected you much.

Avoid Meeting Him For A While

Besides stopping calls and texts for a while, you need to stop meeting him for a while too. When he finds that sudden absence in his life, he will be forced to think about the mistake he has made and he will do everything in his power to fix it if he truly cares about you. If the both of you are living together, pack your bags and go live with a friend for a few days. That emptiness in the home will nag him and he will work towards improving himself so that he can probably settle scores with you.

Watch His Behavior Even If From A Distance

Different men react differently. While some men go into a shell after they have made a mistake, others may get rebellious to try and block out their guilt. Even if you’re not talking to him, you need to keep a watch on his behavior from a distance. Follow his social media updates closely to know whether he really feels bad and sorry about what happened, or whether he doesn’t care and is just carrying on with his life. If you see that he is displaying symptoms of sadness and guilt, go easy on him. However, if you find that nothing seems to have made any difference to his life, maybe you need to rethink your relationship and rapport with him.

Accept His Apology Gracefully

Forgiving someone can be very hard, particularly when they have hurt you deeply. Well, you need to understand that he is human and if he has taken the responsibility for his mistake and he is genuinely trying to make it right, accept his apology gracefully.

Making a man realize his mistakes isn’t hard. You just need to make sure that you don’t try to make him realize his mistakes by hurting his ego. Sometimes a gentle way of explaining something to someone can be far more powerful and effective than a harsh and cruel way. Once he has admitted his mistake, taken responsibility for it and apologized, maybe you also need to let go of the whole episode and move forward in life.

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