12 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You And Love You Endlessly

12 Signs a man wants to be with you

You have this special someone but you may still wonder if he really wants you and loves you. This is a normal thing to feel. If up to now you are still wondering about the feelings, here are the signs that indicate that a man wants to be with you and love you endlessly.

He Treats You With Care

When a man loves you and wants to be with you, he will appreciate you. He will notice the little things about you and treat you very well. If you find a partner who appreciates your opinions, praises your characters, celebrates your success, pays attention to little things, and appreciates your hobby, keep him, fall in love with him.

You Are Always In His Mind

If you are currently in a relationship, does he try to send you an intimate text throughout the day? Or are there things that always remind you of him?

When a man wants to be with you, you become a part of his life every single day, even if you are away from him not a day goes by without you in it.

He Compromises

Love can soften anyone’s heart. Being righteous by yourself is not as important as true to others.

When you find a man who is willing to discuss something he really hates or something that bothers him with you it shows that he wants you to understand him too. His selflessness is a great indicator that a man is in love and wants to be with you.

He Touches You In Public

Most men feel hesitant if they have to touch their partner while in the middle of the crowd. However, if you find a man touching you without hesitation when in public, this is a sign that he is proudly showing that he is with you now.

The other sign that he loves you and wants to be with you is he hugs and romances with you, without any expectation of sex at all, not to mention. He just wants to make you feel comfortable with physical touch, instead of using it to get what he wants.

He Wants To Always Pay Attention To You

Although often men cannot give you all the good, his efforts to make you feel better again also showed how much he wants to be with you.

Every time you feel down, he wants to make things better, he wants to make you smile again.

When he makes an effort to make you comfortable and convincing you, he is a man worth keeping.

He Wants You Also Love His Family

Does he want to introduce you to all the important people in his life?

If you find a man or a partner who introduce you to the people who are important to him, it shows that you are a person who is also important to him. He is proud of you and wants his whole family and friends to love you too.

He Is Not Worried To Apologize

Sometimes, having a fight or arguing is fine because it is only to test how strong the relationship is. A man who loves you is not worried to apologize to you.

Even though the argument becomes uncontrollable, he should still be able to listen to you, understand perspective, hate to see you so down, and want to improve things.

Loving someone also means not worrying to admit mistakes and apologize.

“I” Becomes “Us”

Notice the selection of words he uses. When he starts using the word “us”, it signifies that he no longer thinks of himself as a single man, you have become a part of his life.

When He Talks About The Future, You Are In It

A man takes it seriously when he talks about the future plans. Did he invite you to attend the marriage of his best friend? If he has a future plan with you in it, he has decided not to let you go anywhere. This is also a sign that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life.

He Told You That He Loves You

If he always says that he loves you, trust me he means it. A man who loves you so much, cannot keep that feeling for himself for a long time.

He Asks You When Make a Great Decision

A good partner usually does not take a new job without talking to you before. He realizes it is taking a big decision that should always involve you. The figure of a man who can love the whole soul generally likes to ask for opinions and discuss with you because you are important in life and he wants you to be part of it.

He Does Not Glance At Other Women

When a man loves you and wants to be with you he will only be interested in you. Your instinct will usually catch it. That’s way, you do not have to monitor every move to see if he will cheat.

If you find a man who shows these signs he must be crazy about you and wants to be with you. Don’t confuse yourself, just be with him and keep him.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a relationship expert. She loves to write about her experiences that she derives from her own life and her interactions with others. After years of research, Katie decided to put together all her expertise on this blog so she can help people improvise in their relationship with others.