Effective Tips to Calm Your Angry Girlfriend

Calm Your Angry Girlfriend

Relationships often have different problems. One among them is fighting on little things. When things get bad, boys have often experienced that their girlfriend gets angry over them after a fight, with or without any fault of the boy. So, when things get to such a point, boys can take notes as in how to combat the situation and calm their angry girlfriend.

Boys may find it as an immense problem for the fact that they cannot identify what the exact cause of the fight or the problem is. They may guess up the different probable causes that have caused this but still come up with the wrong reasons. When confronted with the wrong reasons, it may worsen the situation even more. So, proper dealing with the case is essential.

Given below are a few essential tips that can help a guy sort out this problem and calm his angry girlfriend.

Understand the Problem to the core

Understand the Problem to the coreIf you know what has caused the problem, then you know the exact reason. Then take steps immediately to straighten up the situation. But if you have no clue why she is angry, then you have to find out the exact reason. But you cannot just ask it straight to her. The better way is to observe the activities of your girlfriend and identify the precise cause and do accordingly.

When you are finally sure of the exact cause of the problem, take steps that will directly lead to the solving of those problems. For instance, guys should look over matters that are enough to disturb and increase the temper of their girl. Even if unintentionally done, it will still create a dangerous situation regardless. So, undo whatever you did and wait for the case to cool down.

Have Patience with her to the end

Have Patience with her to the endWhen angry, your girlfriend will often shout at you and may do some misbehaviour towards you due to the bad temper. Do not react to the situation in the heat of the moment. The case will only get worse than, whereas you aim to fix it. So wait patiently and bear with her. It is sure to make her calm down gradually.

The more patient you are against the rude behaviour of your girlfriend, the more likely it is to be useful for calming her down. If you are patient enough, she will slowly realize that her anger and rude behaviour is not being reciprocated. Also, doing so will allow her to vent out her angriness on you. People calm down after expressing their feelings, and this is no exception.

Apologize for first irrespective of the situation

Apologize for first irrespective of the situationGuys, you have to be brave enough to accept your mistakes. If you know you have done something that you should not have and your girlfriend is angry for this sole reason, then there is nothing better than apologizing to her. Drop your ego and admit that you have committed a fault. Say that you are sorry and that it will not happen again. This will calm her down.

Even if it is something that you have not done clearly, or it is related to something that you have both done wrong, even then apologizing upfront is highly recommended. After all, she is worth it, and you want to stay with her. So skip the ‘Why should I apologize first’ and do so. She will see that you are ready to let it go and she will let go of her anger as well.

Give her enough time and personal space

Give her enough time and personal spaceOften you will see that none of the methods you tried is successful for calming her down in a short period. At such points, do not be hasty. Avoid venting out your frustration to her at all costs. Instead, give her time to sort it out. That way, she will eventually feel relaxed without any pressure, and it will be easier for her to calm down.

This process is highly effective as time itself acts as a healing factor. Moreover, human nature is such that we tend to forgive easily the people we love the most. Therefore, when she has enough time to think it over, it will most likely clear her mind up. This will also make her respond to you more positively, and she will find it easy to be normal again.

Show her your genuine affection to the fullest

Show her your genuine affection to the fullestInstead of ignoring her completely, show her your genuine affection instead. The best way to do so is to give a hug. She may be reluctant at first, but she will yield if you are firm. But that does not mean you should force it on her. If she is comfortable, she will not stop you. So hold her gently and make her feel loved. Hugs are magical when it comes to calming down people.

Your girl is angry with you, but she is because she loves you a lot, and she is hurt and mad because of that reason. Hence, the best way is to show her even more affection and make her feel loved to her content. A long warm hug and a soft pat on head or shoulders are enough to make her succumb to her inner feelings. Once she feels loved, she is more likely to be normal.

Communicate with her in every way possible

Communicate with her in every way possibleThe time after a fight is crucial, so by no means stop talking to her. Instead, talk to her directly. Be gentle, yet stable. The main aim is to make her stop feeling ignored. Give attention to her and communicate well. This way, the accumulated anger melts away slowly. Also, direct communication is the best way to clear things. So, it is a must do for guys.

The accumulation of anger can be caused due to many ways. One of them is by completely ignoring a person. Sure, you have to give them time and sometimes it is essential that they stay alone as well. But it is only for a while, and if you continue ignoring her for an extended period, she is sure to feel unwanted or less critical. So, communicate appropriately with your girl.

Use indirect methods of communication as well

Indirect methods of communicationThere are numerous tricks by which you can communicate with your girlfriend without using direct communication techniques. The best process to do so is by using different gestures of the human body correctly. Guys should always have a positive body language when dealing with their girlfriends. This will make her feel that he is available to listen to what she has to say.

Have body gestures like making direct eye contact with her while she is talking and nodding when she is making a point will make her feel relevant. This way, she will fell that you value her enough and that you are trying to sort it out as fast as possible. This will instill the confidence in a guy as well as he will feel that the methods are working effectively.

Respond to her timely and properly

Respond to her timely and properlyIt is often seen that guys become exceedingly reluctant to respond to their girls after a fight or problem occurs. This has to be avoided strictly as the girl will be sure to feel utterly unimportant in the guy’s life and may even think of breaking up with him. Therefore, respond even if you do not want to and do so with a positive attitude. This will make her calm.

Also, communicate and respond to her promptly. Often it is seen that guys take too much time to react and the result is far from satisfactory. Your girl will wait for you to return, but she will not show it. Taking too much time to do so may result in the lack of interest and increase the problems that have been lying between you two to a new level of high.

Take her side in an argument

Take her side in an argumentThe anger and the problem often generate due to frustration and lack of communication. This often results in your girl coming up with a lot of complaints against you. She may feel disrespected, unimportant or may feel something unfair has happened to her in a particular situation. Using all of these, she is likely to come up furious against you when you try to argue.

Therefore, avoid doing arguments with her if you can. In case you cannot prevent it and she starts complaining about everything that she felt you did wrong and how you did not do anything about those, agree with her. Stop getting angry at the moment as you may say a lot of unnecessary things which will only make the situation worse. I agree with her and let her calm down quickly.

Gift her with her favourite things

Gift her with her favourite thingsThis is an old age technique to calm down your girlfriend who is angry over you. It may seem silly, but she is mad on some of your habits or works maybe but not on you. Therefore, she expects the same from you even when she is shouting or scolding you for a valid reason or perhaps absolutely no idea. To help her calm, gift her with a toy or accessory that she loves.

Since the gift is a dear favourite of her, she will not be able to refuse it wholeheartedly. She may say that she does not need it, but she definitely wants it and is only refusing to accept the gift as she is angry with you. However the love for the award is more likely to win over her anger over you, and she is going to accept it, only to realize what she means to you. Hence, problem solved.

Clear any misunderstanding with her

ThClear any misunderstanding with here most common cause of a fight in a relationship is due to lack of communication or absolutely misunderstanding a situation. Even after a battle, both you and your girlfriend are likely to stop talking for a while, at least like you guys used to. Therefore, the misunderstanding between both of you remains and the situation will not get any better with that.

Hence, guys should try to disregard any misinformation and give effort in clearing any misunderstanding that exists between you two. Even if it gets removed by just talking, you must be sure that your girlfriend is actually convinced of the situation and not just pretending to believe you. Doing that will calm her down as well as keep the case fresh.

Avoid giving any advice to her

Avoid giving any advice to herWhenever you and your girlfriend are fighting, it is most likely that both of you will use strong words against each other. These words may not really what you mean, but you say it nevertheless. The need for staying patient while such situations occur is already stated before. It is also imperative that you restrict from giving her any advice on such tense situations.

You may have a lot to say to your girl; you may know that there is something wrong done by her unintentionally which has caused this. You may have a lot in your mind to scold her. But do not go with the flow and avoid scolding or giving any advice or lecture to her. You may be right in this case, even then avoid it for her sake. Avoiding these will make her calm easily. You need to make sure that you give your girlfriend all the love and attentions she craves as this is something that will help keep the relationship strong. You need to ensure that you do everything in your power to make the relationship work.

Therefore, you can see how you can calm down your angry girlfriend. Shower her with affection, give her attention, have good conversation, and apologize when necessary. Provide her with her favourite things, take her side, diminish misunderstandings and avoid giving any advice. It is said that love gets stronger when the fight ends. This way, you will be able to do precisely that.

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