Falling In Love With Someone Else While In A Relationship – How To Deal With It

4 Falling in love with someone else while in a relationship

Falling in love with someone else while you are in a relationship is complicated. The chances are either it becomes a sweet escape or it starts to worry you. Here are tips on how to deal with such situations.

Understand Your Own Feelings

Before you jump to a conclusion that you are falling in love with someone else, make sure that you know your own feelings. Sometimes, when someone attracts you that does not necessarily mean you are in love with that person. It could be a form of admiration and it is normal to feel so.

Ignore The Feeling And The Person

If you find what you really feel toward this person is just a physical attraction, then ignore him/her. If it needed, talk to that person and tell that you do not want him/her to flirt with you anymore. You can still be friend with that person and act normal as usual.

Evaluate Your Relationship And Figure Out What’s Wrong

Here is the thing:

If your feeling for other person goes beyond a physical attraction, there must be something wrong in your relationship.  So, figure out what’s wrong. What is the current state of your relationship? Is it in a bad situation or is it the other way around? If your current relationship is not in a good term then why? Have you been feeling ignored by your significant other? Do you feel unhappy in this relationship?

Evaluate your relationship and fix the problem.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is the key to everything. If you feel something is not quite right in your relationship, communicate with your partner. If there’s something that you don’t like, talk and express how you feel about it. A good relationship starts with a good communication.

Open Up And Be Honest

Sometimes being honest is the best choice. Open up with your partner is important, though that it can be scary and emotional to tell him/her that you fall in love with someone else. Your partner deserves to know the real thing that is happening in the relationship. This will help you as well as your partner to figure everything out.

Intimacy Is The Basic Need

Be it emotional or physical, intimacy is the basic need of every relationship. It is difficult to stand up for a relationship when there’s no more state of intimate between the couple. The worst thing that can happen is, you and your partner will eventually feel unattached to each other.

If you don’t want end up hurting and betraying him/her, try as much as possible to develop more connection with your partner.

Cheating Is Wrong

If you have other people in the picture, and you find yourself happier with that person then the best solution is to end your old relationship and start a brand new journey with this person. Cheating is the worst thing that someone could ever do to their partner, we know that well.

Leave An Unhealthy Relationship

If your relationship is destructive and unhealthy then do not think twice to leave it behind. By falling in love with someone else it could also be a sign that you are in a state of an unhappy relationship. You deserve someone who can treat you better.

That pretty much is the tips on how to deal with a difficult situation like falling in love with someone new while you are in a relationship. If you feel uncertain about your feeling try to figure out everything and decide what is the best solution to do.

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