Handy Tips On How To Emotionally Connect With A Man With Confidence

Handy tips on how to emotionally connect with a man with confidence

Men are hardwired to be strong, not emotional. They may come across as insensitive on many occasions but that’s not what it really is. Men seem to be insensitive because they don’t know how to display their feelings and emotions. If you’re wondering how to emotionally connect with a man, we have the perfect guide for you.

Show Him Respect

Nobody likes to be disrespected and if you disrespect a man, he will only repel against you and become cold. If you want to emotionally connect with your man, you need to show him respect and you need to respect his judgements and decisions. Respect is a form of emotional connection and it acts as a foundation stone for any healthy relationship.

Pamper His Ego

Men love having their egos pampered. If you do anything or act out in any way that hurts or damages a man’s ego, he will begin to hold grudges against you. If you want to emotionally connect with a man, you need to pamper his ego and make him feel like he is something great. Avoid insulting him in any way or saying harsh things that may hurt his ego. A man who has his ego pampered will connect emotionally in a much better fashion than a man who has a hurt ego.

Be Positive And Have An Affirming Attitude

No man likes to emotionally connect with a woman who’s consistently negative. If you’re going to go on nagging your man about each and every little thing, he is only going to switch off emotionally. You need to be positive and have an affirming attitude when dealing with a man. You need to compliment him on his good qualities and strength every now and then. When he sees that you appreciate him for what he is, he will automatically be able to connect with you emotionally.

Take A Keen Interest In His Interests And Hobbies

Men are able to emotionally connect much better with individuals who have similar passions and interests as them. You need to make sure that you show interest in his hobbies and participate in them along with him. This doesn’t mean that you need to forget about your own hobbies. Every now and then make it a point to go along with him for a football match or a bowling game. Participation in his interests will make it much easier for him to emotionally connect with you.

Show Physical Affection To again Emotional Connection

By physical affection we don’t mean sex. Although sex is an important part of the relationship, here we mean actual physical affection. Make it a point to touch his arm when talking to him, hug him, kiss him, rub his back and so on. Such small gestures of physical affection will make him melt and will help him emotionally connect in a better manner.

Create A Space Where He Can Be Vulnerable

Men are hardwired to be strong and they always feel like they need to put on a tough guy act. You need to create a space in the relationship where your man feels comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of you. He needs to be able to shed his strong guy act and be able to shed a tear or just talk openly  about the things that are bothering him. When he is comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you, he will also be a lot more emotionally connected to you.

Don’t Let Your Fights Get Ugly

Every relationship is going to have disagreements and fights. While a a few fights here and there are health for your relationship, fighting on a daily and regular basis can be dangerous. Further, you need to ensure that you don’t allow your fights to get out of control and ugly. Any kind of physical or verbal abuse, or even insulting the man when you’re fighting will only hamper your relationship with him. Be firm but classy when putting your point forward in an argument. Ugly fights will only lead to emotional disconnect from the man’s end.

Avoid Making Him Your Punching Bag

While most women depend on their men to take out their frustrations at the end of a hellish day, you need to keep in mind that your man is your partner and while he must listen to your troubles, you can make him your punching bag. Making him your punching bag will only make him want to avoid you and not emotionally connect. If you’re having too many issues, get a therapist but don’t create a situation where you take out all your frustrations on your man.

Be A Little Mysterious

If you’re going to be an open book with your man, it is only going to backfire on you. You need to be a little mysterious and create a bit of a chase if you want your man to emotionally connect with you. If there’s no chase, your man has nothing to work towards or look forward to in the relationship. Keep a little bit of mystery alive and keeping him wanting more. This is one of the most effective ways to get him to emotionally connect.

All in all, emotionally connecting with a man is pretty straightforward. While you may have to play a few mind games, you just need to remind yourself to be calm and collected in the relationship. Following the tips and suggestions that we have for you will help you transform an emotionally disconnected relationship to a fabulous one. So start making these changes in your relationship and get all the emotional attention and affection that you want from your partner. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and your man will be able to deeply and emotionally connect with you.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

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