How To Make A Conversation Over Text?

How to make a conversation over text

Most people of today end up having conversations over texts. Although it isn’t the most ideal form of communication, it is the most popularly accepted one. If you’re wondering how to make a conversation over text, we have some tips and suggestions for you. These tried and tested suggestions have had positively effective results. Here’s everything you need to know and do:

Simple Topics Are The Best Conversation Starters

The best way to start a conversation is to start with a topic that’s simple. You can start with a topic that interests you and the person that you’re having the chat conversation with. Some interesting examples could include the latest movies, sporting events, music festivals, current events, books, upcoming elections and so on. These simple topics can eventually lead to intense and heavy conversations if played out right. In the event that the opposite person is showing limited interest in the topic, you can always switch topics.

Get An Opinion

When having a text conversation, always keep in mind to ask the other person’s opinion on the given topic. People love it when others ask them for an opinion. It makes them feel like their opinion is important and that it matters. You can ask the person you’re chatting with things like what they think of the movie, or why they don’t agree with a certain government decision and so on. Make sure that you don’t alone steal all the thunder of the conversation. Give the other person a chance to put forward their point of view.

Don’t Let The Boredom Show

There will be times when a specific text conversation may bore you. This doesn’t mean that you need to make it obvious to the other person about how bored you are. You can show a little bit of enthusiasm by adding emoticons to your responses. Further, avoid responding in repetitive monosyllables because this only ends up switching the other person’s mind off. If for some reason you’re busy and are unable to chat at the moment, you can let the other person know and get back to them once you’re free.

Let The Opposite Person Talk About What’s Going On In Their Lives

The things with most human beings are that they want someone who will listen. If you’re going to make the entire text conversation about you and your life, the opposite person will lose interest quickly. Allow the person to speak about what is going on in their life. Let them discuss their worries and problems and just vent out things that are bothering them. This way you will be able to hold the attention of the other person for a longer time frame and you will be able to have a lengthy text conversation.

Be Spontaneous In Conversation

If you’re going to have predictable responses to your chat conversation, you’re going to end up losing the interest of the other person. Spontaneity is the key to life and that same rule should be applied to text messaging. Send out a text that the opposite person least expects, spark a conversation that will grab the attention of the person at the other end, always be the kind that has the most unexpected responses. This way you can always have a long and fun conversation via text.

Pay Attention To The Opposite Person

If you’re going to show lack of interest in what the other person is saying and you end up responding with something that’s totally irrelevant to the conversations, you’re only going to end up cutting the conversation short. You need to thoroughly read the messages that are being sent out to you and respond with appropriate and relevant texts back. Show sympathy and empathy when the person is talking about grief or sadness, show excitement when the person is discussing a happy event in their life and so on.

Be Quick To Respond Back

In order for a conversation to last, you need to have quick and prompt responses. If you’re going to respond back after hours, it will kill the excitement of the conversation. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect response, just so as long as you have the perfect enthusiasm for the conversation.

Transform That Virtual Relationship To A Real One

While a text conversation is great as long as it lasts, you need to advance that conversation to a real one and in person. When your text friend mentions that he or she is looking forward to checking out a movie that’s going to be releasing soon, ask him whether he would like to make a plan to see the movie with you. Having actual physical interaction is typically the next step to long text conversations.

Send Out Interesting Links Of News Articles

Sending out links of interesting news articles and other topics that may interest the other person can play a very important role in sparking yo a meaningful and lengthy conversation. You can also forward emails that may have details related to topics that interest the both of you. This way you will have something new to constantly talk about without boring each other and keeping the conversation fresh and interesting.


If you’re talking to an old friend who has just been out of touch with you, you can talk about fun and old memories that the two of you have shared together. Tell them what you miss about the good times that the both of you have spent together. Try and make a plan in the near future to catch up.

These ten effective ways are ideal for keeping a text conversation alive and lengthy. Follow these suggestions and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Once you have the complete and total attention of the opposite person, make sure that you try and make a plan of catching up or meeting in person to forge a deeper and more profound relationship.

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