How To Make Him Realize He Needs You

How to make him realize he needs you

Men may have their heads all up in the clouds but dealing with them isn’t that difficult. If you’re wondering how to make him realize he needs you, it’s actually a very simple process. You need to act smartly instead of emotionally to make him realize your value. Here’s everything you need to know:

Show Him Aspects Of Yourself That Aren’t Just Physical

If you’re going to let your man think of you as only a body, he will never realize your actual worth and how much he needs you. He needs to see the smart, intelligent and independent side to you. You need to indulge in intellectual and fun conversations with him. You need to discuss your life plans with him. All in all, your man needs to see that you’re more than just a body. He needs to realize that there is more to you than just someone keeping his bed warm.

Trust Is A Very Important Aspect To The Relationship

The problem with most women is that they are consistently judging and distrusting their men. Most men cannot handle their lady love distrusting them and they automatically begin to repel. If you want your man to realize how much he needs you, you need to show how much you trust him. When he has your complete trust and support, he will be able to clearly see how important you’re to his life. Be his strength instead of becoming the nagging wife or girlfriend he just wants to escape from.

Both Of You Need To Make Time For Each Other

In most relationships, it is always the woman who is clearing out her schedule and dropping other plans with friends to be with her man. If you want your man to realize how much he needs you, you need to make sure that you get him to clear out his schedule every once in a way so that he can spend quality time with you. If you’re always going to be available for him at the drop of a hat, he will never realize your worth and always take you got granted.

Show Him Love And Appreciation

Another mistake that a lot of women make is that they only point out the flaws and negative traits in their man and ignore the positive ones. If you want your man to realize how much he needs you, you need to show him some love and appreciation for his good traits and actions. When you encourage a man for his good traits instead of consistently putting him down for his bad ones, you’re giving the relationship a more positive feel and making him realize how important you’re to him. Focus on the positive instead of constantly lashing out at him for the negative.

Have A Life Independent Of Him

Stop behaving like a dumb and dependent woman who is nothing without her man. Most women end up giving up their social lives and only run behind their partner. You need to start going out with your girl gang again, take up that art class which you have been meaning to, or just take a short trip with your siblings. When your man sees that you are perfectly capable of living your life without him, he will automatically come to his senses and realize how much he needs you.

Dress Up, Look Fabulous

Who says that you need to dress like a haggard old woman just because you have a man in your life? Get those tight skinny jeans out, wear those gorgeous and little black dresses, get your hair done like a beauty queen and look nothing short of fabulous. When you start dressing well and looking amazing, your man will automatically feel that sting of jealousy and realize how much he needs you. If you’re going to look like a haggard old woman who doesn’t care about her physical appearance, you’re just going to be the old ball and chain for him.

Stop Babying Him All The Time

While it’s nice to pamper your man every now and then, stop babying him all the time. If he has a slight cold, or is feeling a little under the weather, let him learn to take care of himself. You don’t need to drop everything you’re doing to run to be by his side. However, if it’s a serious illness and he really needs you, stand right by him like his strength and support. Only when you’re not always there to baby him will he realize your true importance.

Give Him Some Space Every Now And Then

Men are hardwired differently from women and often need some space to just hang out with the boys or go for a soccer match. If you’re not going to give him his space to do the things he enjoys, he is only going to get sick of you and start lying. On the other hand, if you give him space to do what he loves, he will automatically appreciate this and realize how important it is to have an understanding woman like you in his life. Don’t be that annoying and nagging wife from hell. Give him his space and take some space for yourself too.

There you, these simple suggestions are more than enough to have your man running after you. When he sees these changes in you he will automatically realize how important you’re to him. Let him run after you sometimes. Give him the chance to miss you. Let him realize how handicapped he can be without you in his life. This will really help in making him see how much he needs you and that you’re not just the woman who keeps his bed warm.

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