How To Save A Relationship From Falling Apart?

How to save a relationship after a break up and from being ended

The problem with most relationships today is that they barely have any substance. Relationships falling apart have become extremely common. If you have a relationship that seems to be falling apart and you really want to do something to fix it, we have some tips and suggestions for you. There are several things that you can do if you’re wondering about how to save a relationship from falling apart. Here’s what you need to know:


Communication is the key to any relationship. Without communication even relationships with absurd amounts of chemistry can fall apart. The one mistake the couples make after being together for years on end is that they stop communicating with each other. Don’t take the power of communication for granted. It has help transform your relationship that is falling apart into one that becomes understanding, loving and beautiful.

Spend Some Time Together Alone

Most couples are so busy with work and life that they barely end up spending time together. If they do spend time together, they end up going out in large groups with their social circles. The lack of intimacy and alone time can have a major negative impact on the relationship. No alone time further results in limited communication and in turn end up producing relationships that are strained. Do small things like take a weekend trip together to the country side, head out for a long drive late together in the evening, and visit your favorite restaurant together and so on.

Visit A Professional If Necessary

Sometimes when a couple tries to fix a relationship that is falling apart, they only end up causing more damage. Differences in opinions, arguments, fights and other disagreements end up cropping up. In such cases, the best bet is to visit a professional. You can get an appointment with a couple’s counselor or marriage counselor. Let the counselor walk the both of you through the issues that you are facing. Getting an unbiased third party opinion can help in putting your relationship back on track.

Take Some Time Apart

Some relationships end up falling apart not because of lack of time together but because of excessive time together. It doesn’t matter how close you’re to your partner or spouse, giving each other a little bit of space and breathing room can prove to be extremely positive for the relationship. You’re both individuals who have lives of your own and lives that are independent of one another. Give your partner the space to enjoy in the hobbies he or she enjoys. Go out solo with your gang of buddies and so on. This will truly help in repairing a relationship that seems to be falling apart.

Do Things Together

You and your partner may be having a few common interests like bowling or trekking or hiking and so on. Make plans to do such things together. Doing the things that the both of you enjoy together can have a very positive impact on your failing relationship. It can strengthen the bond that the two of you share and help in making things fall back into place.

Start Dressing Well Again

In due course, most relationships become comfort relationships. The partners no longer bother to dress well or look their best. If you and your partner don’t bother to look good and feel good, it means that your relationship has hit its point of stagnancy. You need to make sure that you break out of this comfort pattern and start looking good and presentable once again. Roaming around the house with messy hair and stained clothes isn’t going to help. When you look great and feel good, your partner will also want to be around you more.

Stop Arguing!

The stagnancy in a relationship can lead to extreme frustration and that eventually leads to arguments. A relationship that is falling apart will always have a lot more arguments. The couple will end up in an argument about the littlest things. Well, arguing isn’t going to solve your problems and it most certainly won’t bring the two of you close again. Arguing will only cause a further distance in the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner don’t agree on certain things. You can have a civil and mature conversation about the things you disagree on, rather than having an argument.

Do Something Special For Your Partner

Another effective way to weave your falling apart relationship back together is by doing something special for your partner. Get your partner that watch he or she has been eyeing for the longest time, set up a home-cooked surprise candlelight dinner, book tickets for an exotic summer getaway and so on. Doing something special for your partner will make your partner feel loved. This in turn will help to bring your relationship back on track.

Be There For Your Partner

Your partner may be having a hard time at work, or she / he may have lost a close friend in an accident and so on. When your partner is struggling with grief or stress, being there for him or her can have a positive impact on your relationship. You need to be a strong emotional support for your partner. This will help to strengthen the bond that the two of you have.

Stop Taking Each Other For Granted

Another mistake that a lot of couples make once they are comfortable in the relationship is that they start taking each other for granted. Taking your partner for granted is one of the most damaging things that you can do for your relationship. Avoid this at all costs. Let your partner know that you value them.

Follow these simple and easy steps to prevent your relationship from falling apart. A happy and healthy relationship requires work from both partners. Give your partner time, affection, attention, loyalty and love if you want a long-lasting and strong bond.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

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