The Ultimate Guide – How To Fix Your Self Esteem and Make A Succesfull Relationship

My Low Self

Low self-esteem is ruining relationships, because it creates a perpetual feeling of insecurities. It is like putting so much negative energy and sooner or later it will give a harmful power in your relationship. You are deeply worried about your value, you may become paranoid and doubting your partner’s loyalty, and harass your partner unfairly.

The best thing to do to deal with this situation is you need to fix your self-esteem, not your relationship.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

People with a low self-esteem is constantly having a low respect for themselves. If you want to stop running your relationship, respect yourself by stop comparing yourself to others. Do n’t keep questioning why your partner loves you while there are other people who are richer, physically more attractive, smarter, funnier than you out there. Just don’t.

Remember that out of those richer, more attractive, smarter and funnier people, your partner chooses you. If he/she loves you it means that you have something special in you, something that others don’t have. So stop comparing yourself.

Love Yourself For Who You Are

The first crucial thing is you need to love yourself for being who are. You have to embrace both your strengths and your weakness without feeling vulnerable.

Nobody is perfect, always keep that in mind. Stop doubting whether or not that you are good enough for your partner. Leave all your weaknesses behind and start to appreciate and love yourself.

Self-care Is Important

Practicing self-care is also part of how to fix your self-esteem for a good and healthy relationship. Learn to implement self-care habits every single day, for the sake of your healthy mind, body, and soul.

You can start by giving yourself a positive affirmation and give yourself a compliment. See yourself positively, try thinking all the good things about you and the good things that you do.

Show Self Compassion

When you’re going through a difficult experience in your relationship, especially when insecurity hits you, just remember how much warmth you have for yourself.

Self-compassionate attitude allowing yourself to be more accepting.  This is why whenever you feel unworthy and you doubt yourself try to control the feelings by practicing self-compassion.

Lift Up Your Confidence and Do Yourself a Favor

The lack of self-confidence is the core problem as to why you have a low self-esteem. The key is to do things that will boost your confidence. You can, for example, sign up to the fitness center, styling your hair, keep up with your hygiene, paint your nails and dress to impress. You can also read more book, learn how to cook, develop new hobbies or deepen your abilities. Just do whatever it takes to push your confidence level.

Change The Story

Let say that it’s hard for you to believe that you are unconditionally loved and accepted by your significant other so you inhibit yourself to fully committing in your relationship, what you need to do is try to change the story.

Learn to accept your partner’s view, if he said that you are attractive, intelligent, caring person, funny, and sexy he means it and therefore believes every positive thing that your partner say about you because that is how they see you.

Overcoming The Jealousy

Jealousy kills a relationship. When you have a low self-esteem you feel threatened all the time, even by a trivial thing which is really unnecessary. Just because your partner is talking with someone else on the phone it doesn’t mean that he/she is cheated on you.

It’s very offending for your significant other to have you continually questioning their words and acts. I know it is sound cliche but try to trust your partner.

Talk With Others

Last but not least, if you find these activities are just too difficult or if they don’t seem to be helping, I fully recommend the help of a friend, therapist, or coach. Someone who you trust and who can help you to see your worth talk to your partner if it needed.

You are worthy more than you think, worthy of other’s time, other’s care, other’s love. Stop comparing yourself and start loving yourself more and more.

Katie Holmes

Article written by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a relationship expert. She loves to write about her experiences that she derives from her own life and her interactions with others. After years of research, Katie decided to put together all her expertise on this blog so she can help people improvise in their relationship with others.