Clear Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile With Me

Clear signs my separated wife wants to reconcile with me

Being separated from your spouse can be a very traumatic and a mentally exhausting phase. You don’t know what she is thinking, you feel lost and confused and you’re probably going through a kind of depression. Well, you need to keep in mind that your wife too is probably feeling the exact same way that you feel. If you’re looking for signs my separated wife wants to reconcile, we have put together a list of behavioral patterns that you need to look out for. Here’s everything you need to know:

She Makes It A Point To Call You

By call we mean call. Not a text, not an email but an actual phone call. When your separated wife is calling you up on a regular basis, she definitely is keenly interested in what’s going on in your life and probably wants to know if you have begun to move on or whether you’re still hung up on her. Regular phone calls often indicate that she wants to get back together with you. She is probably too afraid to admit it you and is hoping that you pick up on the hints.

She Is Warmer, Kinder And More Loving

Is your separated wife being kind and loving  and warm towards you? Is she bringing up sweet old memories that the both of you shared together? Are you seeing more of the woman you had fallen so deeply in love with that you wanted to marry her? Well, this is the ultimate green signal indicating that your separated wife has great hopes of reconciliation and wants to get back together with you.

Asking You To Meet Her

If your separated wife is constantly calling you and trying to make plans to meet you, she is definitely still into you and probably hopes for reconciliation. She may ask you to meet her for dinner, or she may take a more casual approach and ask you for an impromptu meeting. She will show up looking her best and absolutely fabulous for these dinners and meetings. Keep a look out for these signs to know that she probably wants reconciliation.

She Shows Up At Places You Frequently Visit

Do you find yourself accidentally stumbling into your separated wife at places you usually frequent? Well, this isn’t chance, it’s probably planned. If she wants to get back together with you, she will probably end up showing up at places that you frequently visit. When you ask her what she’s doing there, she will probably give you some kind of vague answer or some sort of excuse behind why she is there. She will most likely show up with a friend or someone she trusts so that she can make the whole accidental run in look genuine and like a meeting by chance. However, her intentions are much deeper than that and she is probably looking at getting back together with you.

She Tries To Talk To Your Friends To See Where You Stand

If you find that your separated wife is closely in contact with your friends and is constantly speaking to them to figure out where you stand, she definitely wants to get back together with you. She may casually chat up your friends and bring up your topic, or she may take the straightforward route and ask them directly about you and tell them about how she wishes to reconcile.

She Goes Out Her Way To Do Sweet Things

Whether she makes it a point to send over your favorite dish whenever she whips it up or she bakes your favorite cake for your birthday, your separated wife will go out of her way to do heartwarming things for you. She will do whatever it takes to bring a smile on your face. When you find that your separated wife is being exceptionally sweet and caring, you need to read between the lines and understand that she probably wants reconciliation.

Saying She Has Met Someone

Now this may sound extremely weird, but often separated wives tell their husbands that they have met someone else. In most cases the separated wife purposely makes this tall claim just to see her husband’s reaction. She wants to check whether you react badly or possessively, or this news doesn’t affect you at all. She is only trying to make you feel jealous and get a reaction out of you. How you react will help her judge your feelings towards her and she will be able to take things forward in accordance.

Talking To Straightforwardly About Her Feelings

Each woman is different and while some women play games, other women are very straightforward and honest. Your separated wife many not play the games that some women do and she might just be honest and forthright about how she hopes to reconcile. She might bring up the topic once and then leave the ball in your court to take the next step forward. If you also wish to get back together with your wife, the smartest thing you can do when she brings up the topic of reconciliation is act immediately towards it.

So now you know it. Your separated wife will try all kinds of ways and methods to reconcile with you. When you see that she is displaying these above-mentioned behavioral patterns, you can be rest assured that she wants to get back together with you. If you miss her and want her back too, you may need to instantly act upon the signs she is giving you. So look out for these signs and signals and act upon them at the earliest if you truly love you separated wife and want her back in your life.

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